Hakka KunTao Silat

 About KunTao Silat:Our training methods are geared for the American life-style with tactical considerations, and includes training required to develop and apply martial arts concepts and skill sets derived from Traditional Kung fu, Silat and KunTao principles in combat.Hand-to-Hand Combat, Reality-Based Training and Techniques taught for immediate use!  Silat entries with a devastating KunTao finish!  The arts reflected in this system have been proven in combat over centuries by people who have fought for food, freedom, and their liberty.  This is a complete system combining the attributes of the internals, as well as PentJak, Silat, Cjimande, and old hands fighting styles of the Hakka people, those of the KunLun Mountains and isles of Indonesia.

“There is no Silat without the blade”

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